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As we close out 2017 it’s hard to believe that our blog is six months old! When we first began writing we didn’t expect things to take off as quickly as they did and we grew excited learning you were tuning in and paying attention to what we had to say! Today we present to you a wrap-up of some of the things that we have written this year. Thank you, once again, for your support. We hope you join us again in 2018 when we bring you more stories about dogs, dog poop, and dog behavior!

We’ll begin our wrap up by talking about dogs and some of the diseases that affect canines. We learned about rabies and how important it is to keep your dog vaccinated and dog diabetes which can easily be prevented by keeping your dogs weight under control. It’s important to keep your dog healthy through regular check-ups at the veterinarian. When you maintain the health of your dog you prevent illness and the spread of disease.

One disease we learned about is Leptospirosis. Leptospioris, or Lepto created an epidemic in Maricopa County when dogs began drinking contaminated water. More than 70 dogs became ill, and several died.

We also talked about keeping dogs safe and healthy throughout the year by avoiding certain foods, such as chocolate, which can be deadly if ingested even tiny amounts. We wrote about keeping certain plants out of reach of nosy paws and that chemicals such as antifreeze should be kept locked up and cleaned up quickly if they happen to spill.

Another aspect of dog safety is how important is to keep your dog safe while traveling. Your trip will be smooth and easy if your dog is secured in a dog seat belt or crate while you drive. We talked about the importance of current identification tags, microchips and first aid kits for dogs, just in case an emergency were to occur while you were on the road.

We wrote about dog poop, a lot, and the importance of cleaning up after your favorite canine companion. Dog poop is gross, yes, but as dog owners we can’t just leave it lying around. Not only does it spread disease but it also contaminates our water supply leaving all of us at risk for illness.

Be sure to give Arrowhead a call because they’ll come and do the dirty work for you when it becomes too much for you to handle. Remember, however, what your technician expects before he or she arrives to clean up your yard. They’ll need access to your yard and a lawn that is free of debris that might prevent them from doing their job.

While we’re on the subject of poop, let’s recall a recent post about why dogs kick up their heels after using the bathroom. If you remember it’s because they happen to have scent glands in their paws. When they scratch the ground it’s because they’re marking their territory. That’s why they do it early in the morning or when they see another dog nearby.

We talked about dog adoption, dog responsibilities and everything your dog will need. Items such as leashes, bowls, toys and crates all have a tendency to add up rather quickly. We learned that the best time to adopt a puppy or dog is when everyone in the family understands that dogs are a ten-year plus responsibility.

We’ve talked about fun stuff as well, such as our recent post about the dog show that took place on Thanksgiving Day. We brought you pet holidays as well, such as National Mutt Day and Cat Herding Day. We’ll continue to write about pet holidays and pet celebrations when we return in January.

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