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(As if they weren’t spoiled enough!)


We love our dogs, we treat them like family, and we don’t want to leave them out, even during the holidays. More than half of all dog owners have confessed to hanging a stocking for their dog and wrapping gifts, for their dog, that they place beneath the Christmas tree. If you’ve been searching for the perfect gift for the dog, or even a dog lover, we have a few suggestions that you might want to consider. While this isn’t a complete list, it gives you a place to start.

The first gift on our list is the:

POOCH SELFIE: The Original Dog Selfie Stick


This is a must have gift for every dog lover on your list. The Pooch Selfie claims it will hold your dogs’ attention with a tennis ball while you snap a photograph. Manufactured by clever dog products the Pooch Selfie is designed to work with any phone and as a bonus—the tennis ball squeaks!

If you have an active dog he might enjoy one of the following:

iFetch Interactive Ball Thrower for Dogs


If your dog enjoys playing fetch he’ll love the iFetch, and so will you. It allows you to watch your dog run and play without straining your arm. If you’re too tired to play, simply teach your dog to drop the balls into the hole of the machine.  The machine then shoots the balls across the yard, or across the room. When ordering, order the right size for your dog.

Another toy for the dog who likes to fetch….

Kong Rubber Dog Frisbee


This durable rubber Frisbee is designed to last for hours and hours without the worry that you’re dog might cut his teeth and gums while playing with it. The Frisbee comes in two sizes.

H204K9 Doggy Water Bottle


This makes a great gift for the dog on the go without worrying about how to keep your dog hydrated. Simply fill the bottle with water and remove the cap that doubles as a bowl. The bottle comes in a variety of colors, including red, green, pink and blue.

Wigzi Dual Doggie Pet Leash


This leash allows you to walk two dogs at once without the hassle of tangled leashes. It supports up to 50 pounds of dog per side, it extends out to ten feet, and you can adjust the slack for each dog!


Fresh Patch Disposable Dog Potty


As seen on Shark Tank, Fresh patch is a living patch of grass that will allow your dog to do his business without having to leave the comfort of home. This is a perfect gift for those who live in the city and have limited access to grass. No longer will you need to walk your dog in the rain or in the snow and it’s great to have on hand when housetraining a new puppy.

For the dog lover who can’t stand to be away from their dog might we suggest the:

Petcube Camera


The Petcube Camera allows you to interact with your dog when you’re away from home through an app on your phone. It comes equipped with an HD Camera that sends a feed straight to your phone, allowing you to talk to your dog through a two-way microphone. Use the built in laser pointer to encourage your dog to get up off the couch and move even when you aren’t home to take him for a walk.

The natural and organic pet owner might be interested in:

Quality Pet Nozzle Nectar Nose Balm


Relieve your dogs’ chapped, dry skin, by applying this all natural, organic, “nozzle nectar,” to dry noses. It is scent free which means your dog won’t lick it off, and it’s even safe to use on human hands!


The Honest Kitchen Bone Broth


The Honest Company Bone Broth is a delicious treat for your dog. Freeze it into ice cubes, add to warm water or sprinkle the powder over wet food. It contains no wheat, corn or soy, and it’s 100% human grade and fit for human consumption as well.

These are just a few of the gifts, for dogs, and dog lovers, that can be found at http://www.bestproducts.com. See their site for more creative gift ideas for all the pets you love, in your life.

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