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PEORIA, AZ – Summer for many of us means planning a vacation and traveling. One of our biggest decisions involves what to do with our dogs. Here are several options for your dog while you’re gone.

Take Them with You

More hotels and resorts are becoming pet friendly as more owners decide to travel with their dogs. Check with your destination to determine if they are pet friendly and if there are extra fees involved with bringing your furry friend along. Search websites such as www.petswelcome.com and www.officialpethotels.com to find a destination that is pet friendly.


If you decide to board your dog, he’ll need to be up to date on all of his shots. Check with the facility first, to make sure your dog has all the shots he needs, as some have different requirements. There are advantages to boarding your dog: You’ll have peace of mind that your dog is being taken care of, he’ll have regular walks and veterinary care close by. You can bring his food, blankets and toys, though sometimes these get lost in the wash and you might not get them back. Boarding fees are according to the size of the dog, check with your facility to see how much they charge.

In Home Care/Pet Sitting

If you do decide to leave your dog at home, consider having a friend or relative check on them. Make sure you hire someone who is responsible and has some knowledge of pets. Leaving your dog at home means your dog will be comfortable in his own environment. Leave a blanket in his crate that has a familiar scent to provide comfort and give him a pet safe bone to chew on to pass the time. Decide how many times a day you want your pet looked in on, or have someone stay at your house to care for your dog full time.

With a Family Member

If you leave your dog with a family member, make sure the environment is well known to them. Bring them with you once or twice to allow them to adjust to a new place, before you leave. Make sure your family member knows your dogs’ routine, his walk schedule, feeding schedule and sleep schedule.

In-Home Pet Boarding

In home pet boarding means you leave your dog with a dog sitter near your home. Your dog will have the opportunity to socialize with other dogs while be supervised by a responsible pet owner. He will also receive individual attention he might not receive while at a boarding facility. Sites such as www.dogvacay.com and www.sleepoverover.com will help you find a responsible dog sitter in your neighborhood.

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