Tenant Move-Outs Leave Dog Messes, Peoria, AZ – Arrowhead Pooper Scoopers

We often get calls from landlords of rental homes where tenants left a mess of dog poop in the yard. Tenants aren’t always the most responsible, so this is one good reason to always charge a pet deposit.  The pet deposit is often the best recourse to pay for the pet waste clean-up by a professional pooper scooper like Arrowhead Pooper Scoopers of Peoria, Arizona.

When tenants move into a rental home, they love to find the property clean inside and out, but when they leave, they don’t always have the same expectation for themselves.  Tenants who own dogs are procrastinators just like property owners and they put off cleaning-up their dog poop.  We wish this wasn’t the case, but its just the facts.  Life gets busy and the dog poop clean-up and removal is the last thing they think of – especially on the weekends when they have time.

Dog poop left in a backyard by a tenant often creates many problems, including that it attracts flies that carry disease – imagine a fly that lands on and feasts on a piece of dog poop left in the yard, then flies to your family’s barbeque and takes pitstops on each of the burgers, steaks, salads, desserts and rims of each guest’s red solo cup. Those simple contacts by a fly with poop on their feet, wings and tentacles can result in symptoms of food poisoning and other bacterial infections.

Another problem can include future tenants choosing another home over yours because they see dog poop in the yard. Obviously, if you’ve hired a professional like Arrowhead Pooper Scoopers of Peoria to clean-up the dog poop after the last tenant left, then this may not be an issue.  But, if you left the poop in the rocks, gravel, grass and behind bushes, then there is a good chance prospective tenants will choose a different rental home.

As stated earlier, tenant’s pet deposits are often used to pay a professional pooper scooper like Arrowhead Pooper Scoopers of Peoria to clean-up the dog waste that was left behind.  Using a professional will ensure that the rental property is clean and poop-free, and ready for the next prospective tenant.  Not only will your rental property show better than others that haven’t had a professional poop clean-up, but you and your new tenants will have greater pride of ownership.

Tenants who have left a rental home with dog poop in the backyard often expect the cost of clean-up to come out of their pet deposit.  Sometimes they are in such a hurry to leave that they decide its easier to let their landlord hire a professional pooper scooper to take care of it for them.  That is where Arrowhead Pooper Scoopers of Peoria can step in and serve.

Don’t assume that your landscaper will clean up the dog poop when your tenants leave either – they often hate dog poop and just blow it into the corners of the yard instead of picking it up.  Landscapers hate dog poop, because it often ends up on the bottoms of their boots, on the wheels of their lawnmowers, on the blades of their trimmers and other tools, and eventually in their trucks.  So, don’t assume that your landscapers will do a nice job cleaning up dog poop after a tenant move-out. Instead, call Arrowhead Pooper Scoopers of Peoria at 602-391-0160 to schedule a quick one-time tenant move-out dog poop clean-up, or visit PoopRemoval.com.