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Your dog has been playing outside and has an encounter with a skunk and nothing smells worse. Don’t panic, because this only makes the situation worse. Staying calm will reduce the stress your dog is under.

If your puppy or dog is sprayed by a skunk, keep them outside. This will prevent the smell from spreading throughout your home. Wash your dogs’ eyes out with water if they appear red or irritated.

Don’t reach for tomato juice, this won’t help the situation, it will only make it worse by masking the smell. The oil from the skunk will remain in your dogs’ fur and skin. The only way to eliminate the smell is by chemical alteration.

Over the counter remedies work fast but you don’t always have those on hand. Keep these ingredients in the pantry in case of a skunk emergency:

Mix the entire quart of hydrogen peroxide with ¼ cup of baking soda and 1 teaspoon of liquid dish soap and prepare to bathe your dog. When bathing your dog however, remember that skunk oil smells worse as it gets wet. Put gloves on your hands before you bathe your dog and spread whatever you are using, store bought, or homemade, all over your dog. Do not get the mixture in his eyes, nose or mouth. You need to let the mixture sit for a few minutes before washing it away. Once the mixture has been rinsed away, wash your dog a second time, with pet shampoo. Your dog should start to smell pleasant after the second wash.

Preventing a second encounter with a skunk is simple. Skunks are drawn to your yard by a convenient source of food. If you leave dog or cat food outside, you are more likely to attract skunks and wildlife to your yard. Keep garbage cans sealed and try to rid your yard of insects. Skunks enjoy eating grasshoppers, grubs, worms, mice and lizards. They live in a variety of habitats, all depending on what part of the United States you live. Skunks are also native to Canada. Skunks, like some wildlife, do not care for dog waste, but it still might be a benefit to keep your yard clean. Eliminating dog waste will keep your yard free from other nighttime visitors as well. Keep your yard clean by picking up dog waste and throwing it away in the trash, in a sealed trash bag.

You can also call a local pet waste removal service for a free quote. Once you receive your quote, you can schedule a weekly pet waste removal pick up. If you live in the greater Peoria or Glendale, Arizona, area, call Arrowhead Pooper Scooper at (602) 391-0160. Check their reviews at www.poopremoval.com. Give them a call today.

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