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Warmer months of the year spell the beginning of flea and tick season throughout the United States. Ticks are abundant in Arizona and depending on where you live you may have a problem with fleas as well. During this time of year these tiny parasites show up in our homes and annoy our pets while at the same time, annoying us as well.

Today we’ll talk about how to prepare yourself and your pet for flea and tick season. A small amount of prevention will go a long way in keeping your pets healthy and safe.

Fleas and ticks are often difficult to prevent and then control even more so because many pest control methods are often ineffective. At the same time, we as pet owners unknowingly bring both fleas and ticks into our homes creating a cozy environment for the tiny parasites that allows them to both grow and flourish.

We often wonder where our pets come into contact with fleas and ticks, especially when they aren’t around other animals. The answer however, lies in our environment. City parks and trails are often abundant with fleas and ticks and when we walk our pets near weeds and tall grass, our pets, usually dogs, come in contact with them. Parks and trails are often not up to standards because grass is not cut and weeds are not trimmed. All of these factors allow pets to be infested with both fleas and ticks.


It’s important as pet owners to ensure a clean environment for our going to prevent an infestation of both fleas and ticks and as pet owners this is a responsibility not to be taken lightly.

How to thwart off fleas and ticks

The places we store our garbage and yard waste must be sealed tight and kept as clean as possible. When we do this we limit the ability of wild animals from living in these areas. This cuts back on the likely hood that we will find fleas and ticks in our yards.

If you have a bird bath or bird feeder it might be a good idea to bring it inside during flea and tick season. As much as we enjoy watching our feathered friends it’s important to limit them in order to eliminate both fleas and ticks from the environment.

Maintain your yard at all times and if necessary hire someone to do the job for you. Trim your trees and bushes and limit access to garden areas by putting up a fence in order to keep your pet away from these areas in your yard.

Visit your local hardware story to purchase any number of sprays or flea and tick prevention solutions. Most stores carry a product called a beneficial nemotodes solution that homeowners can spray near garden areas to prevent both fleas as well as ticks.

Does your pet have an outdoor kennel or dog house? If so, make sure this area is kept clean so it doesn’t become a breeding ground for parasites and other pests.


Maintain the inside of your home as well by making use of flea and tick powders on carpets, rugs and pet beddings. You’ll need to purchase a product that ends the entire life cycle of fleas and ticks. It’s not enough to kill adult pests if you leave the eggs behind.

Flea and tick prevention

You can prevent fleas and ticks by taking preventive measures in both your home as well as in your yard. Today we’ll offer our advice as well as safety precautions that will help you prevent fleas and ticks from the very beginning.

Start by talking to your veterinarian about using a preventative that offers protection from both fleas as well as ticks.

Only use products meant for your dog or cat, in fact, never use a cat product on a dog and vice versa.

Be sure to follow the label instructions on the products you are using. Use the right amount of product based on the weight of your pet.

Use the product as directed by the label on the product or per the instructions of your veterinarian.

If your cat or dog is: Ill, pregnant, nursing, old, or chronically ill it’s wise to speak with your veterinarian about the proper dosage for your pet.

Watch your dog or cat closely for side effects and if you notice odd behavior or if your pet is salivating heavily was off the product and put in a call to your veterinarian.


If you have multiple pets, use the same product on each pet. Keep them separated for a few hours until the product has a chance to dry. If your pets are together they may want to groom each other which will give the opportunity to ingest the product into their system.

This is only part one of our three part series on fleas and ticks. In part two of our series we will discuss what to do if you happen to spot fleas and ticks on your pet and in part three we will talk about the 10 products that will help you get rid of fleas on the spot.

Today we would like to thank http://www.fleabites.net for helping us with this post. Be sure to visit their website in order to learn more helpful tips that will keep your dog healthy and safe for life.

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