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Today is a review of a product recently purchased at a gourmet pet store. Four Muddy Paws is a pet boutique known for high-end dog food, treats and toys. They also have a pet salon and a do it yourself dog wash station. Their products are pricey and the toy purchased claims to be 100% guaranteed. We’ll see how well it stands up to the teeth of a four-year old Border Collie Mix named Truman.

Truman is quite spoiled. He gets his nails done every other week when he goes to the Pink Poodle. He gets a tidy and a trim and he always leaves with a new bandana. His food cost is somewhere in the middle, he eats Pedigree, and scraps from the table.

The toy purchased for Truman is called an Orbee-Tuff bone, extra small, and the color is green. It was manufactured by a company called Planet Dog, established in 1997. Dog Planet appears to be an earth friendly, animal conscious company. It says on the label of their products that a portion of your purchase helps support canine service programs. They also print their tags on cardboard made from responsible sources. This toy had a purchase price of $7.99, perfect for a dog owner on a budget, though this is the smallest bone they had on the shelf. They also had larger bones for larger dogs that varied in price.

Truman’s first reaction when given the bone was one of surprise when he realized it wasn’t a real bone, which is his preference. He carried the bone around the house but quickly lost interest in it. When he does play with it however, he tosses it in the air and chases it. Today he is throwing it off the couch and then going after it.

Here is my overall review:

5 Paws up for durability because the Orbee-Tuff III is still intact as of this morning

3 Paws up because it has little entertainment value to Truman, though he will play with it when you toss it to him

3 Paws up because of the price, but if it holds up, the price is  worth it

You can purchase this bone and other Orbee-Tuff products at www.chewy.com, www.amazon.com, and www.planetdog.com.

We are not affiliated with Planet Dog in any way and no one received compensation from the company for writing this blog post. We will continue to offer product reviews in the future.

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