National Love Your Pet Day!, SLC, UT – Rocky Mountain Pooper Scoopers

Tuesday February 20, 2018 is known as National Love Your Pet Day. It’s a day for pet lovers to give their pets the extra love and attention they might be missing out on. It’s also a great day to reflect upon the special relationship that one might have with their pet.

When we say ‘pet’ we don’t just mean a dog or a cat because many pet owners don’t own either one of these two animals. Many own birds, or snakes, or even ferrets, and today is the day to love them all!

Most households in the United States have at least one pet and while there are more cats than there are dogs, more households actually own dogs, but not my much. Whether you own a dog, a cat, or even a fish, we’re certain you’ll enjoy spending time with your pet(s) on this very special day that only comes around once a year!

Hopefully you’ll enjoy the added benefits that come with loving your pet on National Love Your Pet Day! Owning a pet has been known to reduce stress and even lower blood pressure in pet owners, so please, take advantage of this day and give yourself, and your pets, some much needed love!

How to Observe National Love Your Pet Day

Observe this day by bringing your pet a special treat! Stop by your local pet store on your way home from work and buy treats for your dog, or maybe even crickets for your reptile! Whatever you decide to do make sure you spoil your pet!

Today we would like to thank nationaldaycalendar.com for helping us with this post. Be sure to visit their website to see pet holidays still to come in 2018.

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