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dog meal time

Some pet parents keep their dogs on a strict schedule. They feed them the same amount of food twice a day, once in the morning, and once in the evening. No more, no less. Other pet parents might allow their dogs to graze all day, and that’s all right, as well. When it comes to feeding our dogs, there is no right or wrong answer. In fact, there are several ways to feed your dog and still keep him healthy. These are the top three:

#1) LET YOUR DOG CHOOSE HIS MEAL TIME– You might want to let your dog decide how often he wants to eat, and how much he wants to eat. This method is best for active dogs that are able to maintain a healthy weight. If you do decide to leave food out for your dog to graze on, make sure you leave out dry dog food-it doesn’t spoil.  This method also works best if you feed your dog inside, instead of outside. Leaving food outside attracts insects, mice and wildlife that aren’t welcome in most backyards.

#2)PORTION CONTROL– Dogs that never stop eating might need someone to watch just how much they eat. Start by speaking to your veterinarian to determine how much your dog should weigh and if necessary, pick out a dog food together. If you plan to feed your dog food from a bag, feed him the amount suggested on the bag. Your veterinarian can help you determine just how much your dog should eat as some dogs eat more, while some eat less.  When choosing this method, it’s best to feed your dog once or twice a day. Feed him every eight hours, or even every twelve hours. When feeding on a schedule, you’ll need to cut his portion size in two, otherwise, he might end up eating twice as much food as he needs to consume.

3)  WATCH THE CLOCK–You might choose to feed your dog by the clock but this seems complicated and time consuming.  Feeding your dog by the clock means you pick a time, thirty to forty-five minutes, to allow your dog to eat. Once he’s done eating, throw the food away and start again. This method works best for those dog owners who aren’t worried their dog might overeat. It seems like a waste, however, to throw away dog food.

When feeding your dog it’s important to realize that some dogs eat more than others while some eat less. If you have an active dog, he might require more calories than a dog that tends to lie around the house. If you have a dog with a weight issue it’s best to speak with your veterinarian about switching your dogs’ food to a denser food with fewer calories. Remember, however, that how you feed your dog is completely up to you, there is no right or wrong answer.

Today we would like to thank http://www.pets.webmd.com for their help with this post. See their website for more helpful tips on keeping your dog happy and healthy for life.

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