Lawn Care Tips for the Hot Dry Arizona Climate, Peoria, AZ – Arrowhead Pooper Scoopers

Keeping your lawn healthy and green in Arizona can be a challenge and is different than most areas of the country. The dry, hot summers and mild winters can be tough on yards. Without a dormant season, lawns in hot climates can dry out and die. But following these simple steps can help you create and keep a lush, green lawn all year long.

Mowing: Maintaining the proper blade height is critical to healthy grass. Because the blades provide a protective barrier for the roots and help curb the growth of weeds, it is important to keep grass between 2.5 and 3 inches tall from Spring through late Fall.  Shady areas should be cut about 25% higher than those that get full sun. During the winter months, grass can be cut down to 1 to 2 inches. However, do not cut more than 1/3 of the blade at a time.  According to Arizona Municipal Water Users Association, grass that is too short uses too much water. It is always best for you and your grass to mow in the evening and not during the heat of the day when the sun is at its brightest.

Watering: Water is vital to a healthy lawn and it’s important to water thoroughly. However, contrary to popular belief, do not water too often. It is best to allow a lawn to dry out completely between watering, no more than once every three days during summer. Pay attention to the coloring of the blades to give you a clue as to when to water again. If the blades are beginning to look dull or loose resilience, it’s time to water. Don’t put a hose directly on your yard, but water in a rain-like manner with a sprinkler system. Early morning is the best time to water. Due to the sandy, alkaline quality of Arizona soil, water retention can be an issue. Adding a layer of compost fertilizer to your lawn can increase retention and give you healthy grass.

Aerating: If your soil is too hard it can inhibit growth and cause puddling. Using a process called core aerating, pulling plugs of soil out of the ground, will allow air and water to permeate the soil and promote growth. Mid-late Spring (May or June) is typically the best time to aerate. Thoroughly water your yard before aerating or wait until after a good rainfall when the ground is soft.

Clean-up: Don’t forget the pet waste. Before mowing or watering, make sure your yard is free of doggie land mines. This not only keeps your lawn healthy, but also your family (including your furry family members). But how hard is it to get someone in your house to do that job? Why not call in the experts to do it for you.  Arrowhead Pooper Scoopers Dog Waste Clean-up Service makes life easier for dog owners, with complete cleanup and removal of all dog poop from yards, kennels and dog runs, because you have better things to do with your time! Starting at just $10 a week! We serve most of the Phoenix west valley, including Glendale, Peoria, Sun City, Sun City West and Surprise, plus parts of west Phoenix.

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