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In a prior post we talked about making dog food from scratch. In the spirit of that post here is a recipe. This recipe was tried out on our test subject, test dog, Truman.  Truman is my four-year old Border Collie Mix that my family rescued from the Humane Society near our home. Truman is quite spoiled. He refuses to leave the porch when it rains, he sleeps in comfy queen size bed, (mine), and he gets his nails done more often than I do. His hobbies include barking at our mail lady, Theresa and chasing deer from the woods on the family farm.

When we first brought Truman home in 2014, I will admit I only wanted to feed him dog food made from scratch. That all changed however, the night we went to puppy training class and he threw up, twice, all over the training room floor. When I mentioned people food, our dog trainer warned me to be careful. Too much fat had made him quite sick to the stomach. The next morning, however, he was just fine. He eats Pedigree, and yes, he also eats table scraps. I wish I was better at practicing what I preach, but I’m not. I wish my family would not feed the dog from the table, but we do. My sister isn’t much better, her Shih Tzu, Guinevere, has her own chair at the kitchen table.


Here is my recipe:

  1. Baked Chicken Breast
  2. Eggs
  3. Carrots

I did have chicken fried rice on the stove that afternoon but the rice and veggies had been seasoned, so I left those out. I started by cutting up the chicken into little pieces. Then, I mixed in the egg. My last ingredient was carrots. He must have known the plate on the table was for him because he was by my side the whole time I was preparing it. He even tried eating from the plate before I was finished. I will add that he had already eaten twice that morning. The first time he emptied his dish, and the second time he polished off what the cat had left behind.

When I put the plate on the floor, he quickly devoured the chicken breast and the egg, leaving pieces of carrot behind on the plate. I watched him move the carrots around with his nose in order to avoid eating them. Clearly this dog is not a vegetarian, he enjoys meat.

That being said, there is nothing wrong with feeding your dog people food, as long as you do it in moderation. You can find more than 30 recipes at www.mysweetpuppy.com.

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