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In a previous blog post we talked about Canine Influenza, just one of several respiratory viruses that can affect your dog, or even your cat. In this post we will talk about Kennel Cough, another serious respiratory illness that can make your dog ill as well.

Kennel Cough, or Infectious Canine Tracheobronchitis, is another serious respiratory virus that is spread by dog to dog contact. If your dog spends a lot of time being social at the groomer or the dog park, then your dog may be at risk unless not properly vaccinated.

If your dog has been affected by Kennel Cough you will know by the distinct sound of his cough. It might sound like a dry, hacking cough, some might describe as the sound of a goose. Your dog might also act as though he has something in his throat that he is trying to cough up.

How Is Kennel Cough Spread?

Kennel Cough is spread when a dog coughs and the disease becomes airborne. Other dogs inhale the virus, which causes redness and irritation in the respiratory system. Kennel Cough can also be spread like Canine Influenza, through toys and food dishes that have also become contaminated.  This means dogs don’t need to actually be near a dog, to come into contact with the virus.

Other symptoms also mimic those of Canine Influenza-If your dog loses his appetite and seems lethargic, he may have contracted a respiratory virus.

Your veterinarian may diagnosis your dog with Kennel Cough based on the signs that your dog might be exhibiting. To determine just how serious the illness is, your veterinarian might also recommend tests such as x-rays or bloodwork.

What To Do

If your dog is diagnosed with Kennel Cough, it’s important, once again, to keep him away from other dogs until he shows no signs of the illness. He should be isolated for at least two weeks to prevent the spread of the disease.

Kennel Cough can be prevented through a series of vaccines your dog should be receiving on a yearly basis. One of these vaccines is called Bordetella bronchiseptica vaccine, or simply, Bordetella. Once your dog receives his vaccines, there is no guarantee that he won’t catch Kennel Cough.  If he were to catch it however, the symptoms would be less severe than if he had not been vaccinated at all.

As in the case of Canine Influenza, make sure to keep your yard, and your home, clean and disease free. Wash your shoes after being in the yard, and wash your hands after handling your dog or his waste. Clean and sanitize all clothing as well.

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