How to Know if Your Dog Loves You, Peoria, AZ – Arrowhead Pooper Scoopers

We show our dogs daily how much we love them in so many ways. According to neuroscientist, Gregory Berns, your dog can sense whether or not you love him. But have you ever wondered how a dog shows his love? Our canine friends show their love in some surprising and adorable ways that you just might be missing. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, let’s look at some of the ways our babies show they care.

Playing with you: Watch how your dog plays with other dogs, they wrestle and roughhouse. It’s their natural way of showing affection. When he plays with you, he considers you part of the pack. This kind of play will strengthen your bond so when he initiates play, don’t turn him away.

Yawning when you yawn: We know yawning is contagious. When another human yawns, we yawn. But did you know it happens with dogs, too? Studies show that a dog will yawn when their human yawns because they are bonded with you and in tune to your feelings.

Staring into your eyes: Dog expert Brian Hare says that when a dog looks at you directly in the eyes in a relaxed manner, he is “hugging you with his eyes.” If your dog looks in your eyes while you are cuddling or playing, oxytocin, the hormone that allows mothers and babies to bond, is released.

Calmly watching you leave: You might think a dog who cries or panics when you leave is showing how much he loves you and will miss you. But the opposite is true. If he calmly watches you leave in the morning he is demonstrating that he trusts you will return. This shows the two of you have a solid bond and he does not have separation anxiety.

Jumping for joy when you return: After calmly watching you leave, a dog who loves his human will go crazy when you return. According to ASPCA.org, a dog will jump on you to get your attention and smell your face. So when he greets you with tail wagging and in full body wiggle, let him jump up to say welcome home!

Cuddling with you after eating: It’s no secret that dogs are motivated by food. But according to Berns, the action your dog takes after eating all his food shows what is the second most important thing to him. So, if your dog wants to cuddle with you, it shows a true bond and real love.

Sleeping with you: It is natural for a dog to sleep with their pack. So wanting to sleep with his human shows his loyalty and signals he doesn’t want to be separated from you. Snuggling is one of the most obvious ways he shows he loves you.

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