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You’ve decided to hire a groomer to help your dog look his best but how do you go about finding the best person for the job? You want to hire someone that makes your dog smell fresh and clean but at the same time you need to know it’s someone that you can trust.

According to angieslist.com the best way to locate a dog groomer is to ask family, friends and other professionals for a referral. You may even want to ask your veterinarian who he or she might recommend but in case you don’t have resources at hand there are a few things to keep in mind when searching for the perfect dog groomer.

Questions to ask

One of the very first questions to ask a potential groomer is “What do you charge?” The second question to ask should be “When are you available?” While these are important questions to ask, there are other things to take into consideration when searching for the perfect pet salon for your dog.

How long have you been grooming dogs?

Where did you learn to groom dogs?

What are your credentials? Do you have any type of certification or do you belong to a particular organization?

What type of dogs do you specialize in? Small breed dogs, large breed, or my breed of dog?

Am I able to come in and inspect your facility?

Will I be able to watch you groom my dog?

How long will my pet be here?

Where will you keep him while he waits?

When hiring a pet groomer, don’t be afraid to ask questions and if the groomer in question is uncomfortable answering any of YOUR questions, then consider speaking to another groomer, at another salon. You want to feel comfortable dropping off your dog knowing he’s going to be both beautiful and safe until you return to pick him up.


There are three organizations in the United States that certify pet groomers for both competency and skill. These agencies include:

National Dog Groomers Association of America

International Professional Groomers, Inc

International Society of Canine Cosmetologists

While a dog groomer might be a member of any, or all three of these organizations they may or may not be certified. If they have been certified it means they have undergone voluntary testing, both written and in the field in order to be certified.

The highest level of certification a dog groomer can achieve is the Master Groomer Certification.

Those who are members of these organizations are committed to obeying a strict code of ethics. This includes the ability to care for your pet with the utmost of care. You may contact any of the above organizations to determine if a groomer you wish to hire is a member of any, or all three.

The groomer you choose might not be a member of an organization and there is nothing wrong with that, but groomers that are assures that they are in contact with a professional organization. They have access to training material, education and certification opportunities.

If you have any special concerns about leaving your dog with a groomer, then by all means, speak up. It’s better to let the groomer know right away that you’re worried about your dog. Perhaps you’ve just adopted a puppy and this is his very first visit, or maybe you’re dog is older and he has arthritis. Whatever the case may be, let the groomer know so your mind is at ease before walking out the door of the pet salon.

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