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In case you missed it, Flynn, a Bichon Frise took best in show last Tuesday at the Westminster Kennel Club, held at Madison Square Garden in New York City. When he returns home to Plymouth, Michigan in March, his owners say that Flynn will retire, shortly after celebrating his sixth birthday.

While this might seem like a young age for a dog to retire, Flynn has worked hard throughout his career and it’s time for him to enjoy his life.

In 2017, alone, Flynn entered 155 dog shows before he became the 142nd dog to win the Westminster title last week. Before Westminster, Flynn won 44 best in shows for non-sporting breed of dogs.

According to his co-owner Lorrie Carlton, Flynn has been traveling the dog show circuit for the past three years and it’s time for him to settle down and hopefully, become a father.


While at Westminster, Flynn beat out nearly 3,000 other dogs and 202 breeds to claim his title. His win came as a surprise to many who were not expecting Flynn to win. According to detroitnews.com the crowd became silent when Flynn’s name was announced by Westminster Judge Betty Anne Stenmark. His co-owner, of course, could not have been more proud that day.

She called Flynn’s victory that day, the “ultimate experience” and she likened it to winning the Superbowl or perhaps even the Kentucky Derby. Carlton is the owner of 10 other Bichons though not all of them live with her.

Owning one, she said, is a large commitment and she cautions others about rushing out to buy one after seeing Flynn on television. She hopes that when one considers bringing home a dog, they choose the breed that’s right for them, whether they choose one from a breeder or they rescue one from a shelter.

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