Firework Safety for Pets – Happy New Year! 2023

We hope everyone has a happy and safe new year, including your pets!
This is an exciting time for us but often stressful for our furry family.
Here are some safety tips for your pets for this weekend:
1. Keep all doors and windows shut and window coverings closed.
2. Keep your pets inside.
3. Make sure your pets are wearing their collars with ID tags.
4. If your pet is microchipped, make sure all the information is up to date.
5. Keep a radio or TV on. *Check out DogTV on Youtube!
6. Never let your pet near a firework, whether it is lit or not.
7. If your dog is crate trained, put them in their crate with comfortable bedding and a blanket covering the crate. If not, secure them in a bedroom.
8. Stay home with your pets if at all possible, you will be the most comforting thing for them.
We wish everyone the best for 2023!