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PEORIA, AZ – Those who have a mixed breed dog may be curious as to the actual breed(s) of their dog. Others might be interested in knowing if their dog carries a hereditary disease. Recent developments in canine science have given us the power to unlock the answers to all our canine questions. DNA dog tests are the newest way to understand your dog, his traits, and whether or not he descends from canine royalty.

Dog DNA kits have been around for the past 10 years. Kits are available online, they range in price from $60.00 on up. Once your kit arrives at your home, simply swab the inside of your dogs’ cheek, place the swab in the container provided and mail it back in the self-addressed stamped envelope. It only takes a few weeks to receive your canine report. You’ll receive a percentage pie chart that details the breakdown of your dogs’ breed history and his risk for disease.

When buying a kit, however, realize that not all kits are created equal. The most expensive test, Mars Veterinary’s Wisdom Panel Professional, requires your veterinarian to take a blood sample from your dog. This price varies from clinic to clinic, so you’ll need to call for pricing. Another factor to consider is that mixed breed dogs may come from a multiple number of breeds. This may lead to inaccurate test results– the test may not be able to identify every breed in your dogs’ genetic makeup.

In 2016, the three most popular dog DNA tests were:

Embark: This test is backed by science and it screens for a multitude of things, including breed identification, traits, ancestry and genetic risk factors for 160 canine genetic health issues. This test is expensive at $199.00. You’ll get your dogs’ results back in six to eight weeks. Http://www.embarkvet.com.

Wisdom Panel: Mars Veterinary Wisdom Panel is the number two test on the market. It comes in two versions, the 3.0 and the 4.0. Both tests recognize more than 250 breeds, including 99% of AKC-registered breeds. Unlike the Embark test, Wisdom panel only tests for two inherited health conditions in dogs. Wisdom will cost you $84.99 and results take at least three weeks. Http://www.wisdompanel.com.

DNA My Dog Review: This test comes in last because it has fewer dogs in its registry, meaning the test may not be as accurate as the Embark, and the Wisdom Panel. It also fails to offer testing for genetic mutations. DNA My Dog Review is for those on a budget, at $68.97. Http://www.dnamydog.com.

These aren’t the only three tests out there, there are a multitude available for purchase at your local pet store or veterinarian.

Once you receive your dogs’ test results you can take them to your veterinarian to discuss potential health issues that might affect your dog in the future. Certain breeds are prone to certain diseases and knowing this ahead of time means both you and your veterinarian are able to stay one step ahead of any disease your dog might develop in the future.

No matter the result, don’t let it affect your love for your dog. It shouldn’t matter if you have a border collie hybrid or a pure-bred shih tzu. Your dog is your best friend and family companion, no matter what.

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