The Dog Leotard is real, and it works!, SLC, UT – Rocky Mountain Pooper Scoopers

dog leotard

Shed Defender has recently designed a leotard for your dog. This patent pending invention was designed to be worn by dogs in order to reduce pet hair, pet dander and allergens. It’s made from eco-friendly fabric that is lightweight and comfortable for your dog to wear. Your dog will stay cool and be stylish while moving freely in the four-way stretch fabric that is easy to put on and take off. It’s also easy to unzip while out on a walk when dooty calls and its’ even machine washable.

You’ll now be able to take your dog anywhere without having to worry about leaving a trail hair behind you wherever you go.


Shed Defender was designed to contain shedding and loose hair within the suit. While it won’t prevent your dog from shedding, it will capture your dogs’ hair once it has been shed.


The Shed Defender fits your dog snugly, helping to reduce anxiety. It puts pressure around your dog allowing your dog to feel calm and relaxed.

Medical Treatment

The Shed Defender is great when your dog is undergoing medical treatment. It works by covering up wounds your dog might have or even surgical sites. It also helps with allergies and skin diseases because your dog won’t be able to bite or scratch his skin if he starts to itch. Before using the Shed Defender for any medical reason, consult your veterinarian to determine if the Shed Defender is right for you dog.

The Shed Defender works because it keeps dog hair and dog dander out of both your car, and your home. It also protects your pet against cold weather while outside or while on a walk. It reduces allergens and it keeps your dog clean, no more baths after he finds a mud puddle. Simply remove the Shed Defender and toss it into the washing machine.


You can now try the Shed Defender for thirty days. See their website, sheddefender.com to view all styles and colors and to pick out the perfect suit for your dog. For every suit purchased Shed Defender will donate a portion of their sales to animal shelters across the United States.

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