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Recently while watching Jeopardy a contestant was asked about his dog, a dog that suffered from a strange allergy. A blood test at the veterinarian determined that the dog was allergic to human dander—yes—he was allergic to his owner. The dog was started on monthly allergy shots and now everyone, both dog and human, can coexist in peace and harmony. It’s rare for dogs to be allergic to humans, but yes, it is possible.

Humans like dogs, shed dander. Dander is in our hair and on our skin. When this dander is released into the air, it creates the same response in our dogs as it does in us. Our dogs react in the same manner as if we were allergic—they itch, scratch and sneeze. Human dander isn’t the only allergen that might affect your dog. Other allergens include:


Many dogs are allergic or sensitive to ingredients in dog food. These allergies include corn, wheat and soy and sometimes even beef and pork. If you suspect your dog might have a food allergy, talk to your veterinarian about switching your dogs’ food to something basic. We now have so many choices when it comes to selecting a basic brand of dog food that it can often be overwhelming.



If you suspect your dog might have an allergy to something in the environment, Benadryl might be the best option for your dog, but once again, talk to your veterinarian. He or she might need to take a small sample of blood from your dog to determine exactly what it is he might be allergic to. Once you know what’s causing a reaction in your dog, you’ll be able to determine a treatment plan.


If it’s something in your home that your dog is allergic too, it’s best to remove the allergen and to keep your home as clean as possible. Dogs are often allergic to cleaning products used around your home. If you notice your dog scratching after his bedding has been washed, you may need to switch detergents. There are several on the market that are free of dyes and perfumes. It might also be necessary to vacuum carpets or drapes once, or even twice a week, necessary.


Dogs often have sensitivities to fleas and flea saliva. It only takes one or two fleas to send your dog into an itching frenzy. If you suspect your dog might have fleas, you can treat them one of several ways. You can use a flea shampoo, an oral medication or drops that can be applied monthly. Once your dog is free of fleas you’ll need to treat your home as well. This can be accomplished by shampooing carpets and vacuuming on a regular basis.


You’ll know your dog is allergic to something because he’s scratching excessively. He’s constantly biting his skin and you may even notice bare patches near his tail or on his back. If he has a food allergy it will manifest itself in your dogs’ digestive tract. He may suffer from gas, diarrhea or even vomiting.

If you suspect your dog is allergic to anything, it’s best to contact your veterinarian as soon as possible. The sooner your dogs’ allergies are treated, the sooner he will experience relief.

Today we need to thank http://www.pets.webmd.com for helping us with this post. See their website for more tips on keeping your dog happy and healthy for life.

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