December 15, 2017: National Cat Herding Day, SLC, UT – Rocky Mountain Pooper Scoopers

cat herding


“Herding Cats,” is the phrase used to describe a task that is difficult or nearly impossible to complete. If one has been brave enough to actually attempt this, then you’ve already learned it’s probably not going to happen. And while there is no actual employment in this field, if there was, this would be the day for the “Cat Herd” to celebrate. Instead, this is the day for everyone trying to manage daily life and those tasks that never seem to end.

History of Cat Herder’s Day

Some say that Cat Herder’s Day began when an IT Expert by the name of Dave Platt declared that “managing senior programmers is like herding cats.” When Platt said this he was referring to the fact that cats, like humans are independent, solitary, and quite easily distracted.

Others say the holiday was the brainchild of Thomas and Ruth Roy, owners of wellcat.com. The Roy’s own a company that sells herbs and herbal remedies to humans and cat toys for their feline companions.

Either way, it doesn’t matter who invented this odd holiday but here is what it signifies:

We’re often asked to do things that are difficult or even beyond our own control.  No matter how much we try to get it all together, chaos will ensue. While we’re cleaning up one mess, another one is being made.

This quirky holiday was created sometime within the last decade and it’s celebrated every year on December 15. It’s one of those days that you can celebrate however you wish to observe it.

Ways to Observe Cat Herder’s Day

If you know someone who has a lot of cats, and many of us do, ask to see if you can actually herd their felines into one large group. Open up a bag of cat treats and shake them. If all of the cats come running, then you’ve made your first attempt at cat herding. If you do try this, send us an email and let us know how successful you were in your attempt to do so.

Once you’re done trying to herd cats, you could always watch movies about cats, commercials about cats, or even the Broadway Musical, “Cats.” One of the most famous commercials featuring cats and cat herding debuted at the Super Bowl nearly fifteen years ago and it’s still widely viewed today. You can watch it here at: http://www.theinspirationroom.com/daily2005/cat-herders-herding-cats. Grumpy Cat might even want to watch it with you!

Setting all fun aside, we do ask you to do one thing today:

In honor of Cat Herder’s Day, please show some appreciation for those around you. While it’s said that Program Managers are the source of the phrase, they aren’t the only ones who deserve a little bit of gratitude.

Thank a business owner or a teacher for doing the impossible with grace and style. Someone has to set foot in the trenches and without those willing to tackle the impossible the world might not spin as well as it does.

Today we would like to thank Dave Platt for helping us with this post. We would also like to thank wellcat.com, theinspirationroom.com, and Grumpy Cat, Tarder Sauce, for helping us out as well. See her website: http://www.grumpycats.com for more information about Tarder Sauce or to view any of her videos.

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