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In previous posts we’ve talked about dog collars. We first discussed collars and how to choose the right one for your dog and in a follow-up we told you about the Martingale Collar. Today’s post we will highlight collars that help you train your dog. We’ll help you learn how to end problem behaviors like unwanted barking, jumping, and leash pulling during walks. If you have any questions after reading our post you may want to consult a local dog training who can further help you with your situation.

Collars for training your dog can be purchased both online and at your local pet retail store but today we’ll learn about the collars found at http://www.petsafe.net.   Petsafe has collars in all prices and all ranges. When we talk about range, we mean the number of yards between you and your dog.

Bark Collars

The first collar we will talk about is the Bark Collar. Bark collars are equipped with four different types of correction that will gently but effectively remind your dog he needs to stop barking. When he’s corrected the setting on his collar will startle him, but in no manner will it harm him. Your dog will quickly learn when he is allowed to bark, and when you wish for him to be quiet.

When choosing a bark collar or any training collar it’s best to choose a collar that matches the temperament of your dog. Some forms of communication work better with some dogs than others and that’s why bark collars come with four different settings. Choose from spray, static, ultrasonic or vibration. Collars come in different sizes to fit the neck of every dog. They can be used both indoors and out. The collars are affordable with prices starting at just under $50.00.

Remote Training Collars

The second type of collar we will talk about today is the Remote Training Collar, also by Petsafe. Remote trainers allow you to teach your dog basic commands such as “stay” and “come,” while helping to eliminate the bad behavior as well. If you’re dog jumps on people or he digs in the yard, then this is the collar for you.

The collar comes with a long range handheld remote transmitter that delivers a safe but effective signal to your dogs’ receiver. Once again, you have the option of choosing from four methods of correction, spray, static, ultrasonic and vibration.

Transmission range for these collars starts at 100 yards. The price for this collar starts at $99.00. The 300 yard remote collar starts at $119.00, the 600 yard remote collar starts $139.00 and the 900 yard remote trainer has a beginning price of $159.00. See their website to purchase other collars and products for all of the pets in your life.

Find What’s Right For You!

If you have a stubborn dog or cat, there is a solution out there that is right for you. Finding the right collar is simple and easy, solving all of your pet problems in just a matter of days.

Today we would like to thank http://www.petsafe.net for helping us with this post. Be sure to check out their website for more information about collars that will help you train your dog, to be a better dog!

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