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Families that have children represent the largest demographic that happen to own at least one pet, or maybe even more. Children that live in homes with pets have much to offer when it comes to the care of their pets especially when it comes to playtime. Children can learn a lot from having an animal in the home so today we give you 10 life lessons that will carry over well into the future:

10 Life Lessons Children Can Learn from Owning a Pet

One: Responsibility

Pets require daily care including feeding, exercising and sometimes even grooming. Let’s not forget playtime or potty time because, yes, pets need these as well. Younger children are able to feed a pet with proper supervision while older children will learn to take care of something that is alive and breathing.

Two: Trust

Pets offer unconditional love and support without judgment which means it’s easy to talk to them. Pets make wonderful companions for children because they learn to trust them and this helps them build trust in other relationships as well as they grow up.

Three: Compassion

When children learn to care for a pet they learn how to be compassionate as well as understanding. Children learn they need to be kind and that’s important to help meet the needs of others.

Four: Bereavement

When children experience the loss of a pet they’ll feel the pain of the loss but at the same time, they’ll learn how to handle their sadness and their feelings that surround the death of their pet.

Five: Respect

Children learn respect for others when they own a pet. They learn they must pet their pet, gently and that they must take care of their pet, everyday. This respect includes leaving the pet alone when he or she is trying to eat, or while they are trying to sleep.

Six: Self Esteem

If a child happens to own a pet you may notice a change in his or self-esteem. This comes from the satisfaction of owning and caring for a pets needs on a daily basis.

Seven: Loyalty

Pets are loyal to their owners, no matter what and children will take note of this. In return, they will be loyal to their pet and hopefully, their friends as well.

Eight: Exercise

Children who own a dog learn how much fun physical activity can be when they take their dog for a walk or play with him in the yard. Research has shown that children who live in homes with dogs spend more time being active than children who live in homes without dogs.



Nine: Patience

When you bring a home a new pet, it takes time to bond with them. During this time a child will learn to be patient as your new pet adjusts to living in his or her new environment.

Ten: Social Skills

When other children notice your child with your pet, perhaps out on a walk, they might be curious enough to ask questions. This gives your child the opportunity to respond, thus enhancing their ability to be social around peers.

These are just a few of the benefits that go hand in hand with owning a pet but there are other perks as well. Children quickly learn that they can also receive comfort, love, and affection in return when they learn how to properly care for their pet.

Further research goes on to say that children that live in dog-owned homes, especially during their first year of life, have fewer ear infections and fewer respiratory infections. This might be due in part to the fact that a child’s immune system is strengthened because it’s already been exposed to certain stimuli in the environment. Another noted benefit of pet ownership is the reduced risk of allergies in children because once again, the immune system is strengthened when the child is exposed to the allergens in pet dander.

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