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Grace Granatelli spent nearly 20 years working in finance but as her boss neared retirement, she knew she had to make a career change. A friend encouraged Grace to follow her passion in life and to take the path that would lead her to happiness. Her first thought was to open up a doggy day care but meditation led her in a different direction.

“One day while I was meditating, the words ‘Canine Massage’ came to me, and I knew this was what I was meant to do,” said Grace. “I knew I had to do something with dogs,” she said.  That was in 2003 when only two schools offered certification in canine massage therapy. She completed her course work through Equissage and became a Certfied Canine Massage Therapist. She began volunteering with rescue agencies and at adoption events, providing a healing touch to sick and neglected animals. While volunteering, her client base began to expand and her business was born. In February of this year, she opened her business, Pawsitive Touch, located at 6828 E. Kelton Lane, in Scottsdale.  We spoke over the telephone about the benefits of canine massage.

“Canine massage offers the same benefits to dogs as it does to humans,” she said. “It increases circulation, releases endorphins, and helps with pain relief.” Most of her clients are older dogs, in need of a little TLC. “A dog might have issues with its back, it might have arthritis or even hip dysplasia.” Dogs don’t visit Grace to be pampered, they come because they need help in healing what ails them.


Many of her clients are referrals through veterinarians. “When a dog has a medical issue, their owner calls me,” she said. Many dog owners are moving away from treating their dogs with medication and are choosing a more natural approach to healing.  “Before I treat their dog, I ask questions to make sure I am providing the service their dog needs.” She likes to know what the veterinarian and the dog owner have discussed when it comes to the dogs care before she will accept the dog as a client. Her care is not that of a veterinarian, but as a compliment to the veterinarian.

She offers advice to dog owners while treating their dogs, showing them techniques they can use at home. She shows them how to find lumps, bumps, and skin tags on their dogs. “Canine massage is great because it helps dog owners bond with their dogs,” she said. “It also helps pick up on a dog’s pain and tenderness, a sign that something might be wrong.”

Granatelli works Monday through Friday, at Paws Resort and Spa by appointment only. She will also visit your dog at day care, completing her work by pick up time. She can be reached by phone or fax at (480) 948-9560. Her cell phone number is (602) 818-1669 and her website is http://www.pawsitivetouchtherapy.com. Give her a call to discuss rates and to set up an appointment.

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