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Anyone who owns a pet should be prepared for a pet emergency. Part of this preparation includes making sure you have a full stocked pet first aid kit on hand, in your home, complete with supplies to help your pet in the event of an emergency. The best place to keep your pet first aid kit? Right next to the first aid kit meant for the human members of your family.

Certainly, you can buy a pet emergency kit online, at sites like www.chewy.com, or you can assemble one yourself. If you wish to assemble one yourself, here are supplies to consider and things to keep inside your kit:

Phone Numbers and your pets’ medical records:

It’s important to know the numbers of your veterinarian as well as the number of your nearest pet emergency clinic. Also take note of the Animal Poison Control Center—888-426-4435.


You’ll need gauze to wrap wounds or muzzle an injured animal

Non-Stick Bandages

These will be used to control bleeding or to protect wounds until you reach the veterinarian. You could also use towels or strips of cloth

Adhesive Tape

When buying adhesive tape do not use adhesive bandages meant for humans, on pets. The tape will be used to secure gauze or bandages

Milk of Magnesia/Activated Charcoal

Both will absorb poison but before you give either one of these to your pet, be sure to contact your veterinarian or poison control before you induce vomiting in your pet

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide will induce vomiting, but once again, contact your veterinarian or poison control before giving it to your pet

Digital Thermometer

To take your pets’ temperature, you’ll need to do it rectally, and be sure to buy a fever thermometer

Eye Dropper

The eye dropper will be used to give your pet oral treatment

Muzzle/Rope/Small Towel

These are used to cover your pets head, but do not use them if your pet is vomiting. If you cover your pets head while they are vomiting then you might suffocate them before you reach the veterinarian.


If your pet is able to walk, then this is the best way to transport him

Stretcher/Blanket/Floor Mat

Any of the above will help you transport your pet in the event that he isn’t able to walk on his own

If you want to print out this list and keep it on your refrigerator, be sure to visit www.avma.org. Take this list with you when you visit the pet store or when shopping online.

If you need to administer first aid to your pet, remember that you’ll still need to visit your veterinarian or local emergency clinic. First aid is not a substitute for veterinary care but you my save your pets’ life until you can reach help.

Today we would like to thank www.chewy.comand www.avma.orgfor helping us with this post. Be sure to visit www.chewy.comfor all your pets’ wants and needs and see www.avma.orgfor tips on how to keep your pet happy and healthy for life.

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