pooper scooper

As an Arizona dog owner you do your best to maintain a clean and beautiful lawn but at the same time you know how difficult it is to do. Between your work and your children you have a lot of responsibility and sometimes things get overlooked. At Arrowhead Scoopers and PoopRemoval.com were here to tell … Read more

International Pooper Scooper Week is held each year from April 1-7.  If you haven’t planned an event just yet, it’s not too late plan something. All you need to do is contact your local parks and recreation department and let them know you want to volunteer to clean up dog poo in your community. You … Read more


The experts at Arrowhead have introduced a new way to keep your dog kennel or your turf smelling clean and fresh between poop scooping appointments. Simple and Easy to Use The Wysiwash Sanitizing Deodorzing system is a handheld, pH neutral chlorine generator that you attach to your garden hose. This patented delivery system uses solid … Read more

walk with dog

Spring and Summer mean more time outside. And more walks. Whether you are walking in your neighborhood or going to a dog park, walking is good exercise for you and your dog. But if your dog is not well-trained on a leash, walking can be a difficult activity for you both. In fact, walking on … Read more

cleaning up after dog

April 1-7 is International Pooper Scooper Week. The Association of Professional Animal Waste Specialists (aPaws) has created this special awareness week to recognize the importance of cleaning up after your dogs. To celebrate and help educate pet owners on this important health and environmental topic, we want to bring you some facts on the dangers … Read more

dog toys

Dogs and chewing go together like peanut butter and jelly. So, chew toys are essential to a happy and healthy pet. They help fight boredom, protect your furniture and shoes from teething puppies, and provide comfort to those painful gums, as well as calm a nervous dog. But not all chew toys are safe. Some … Read more

pet emergency

If your pet has a health emergency, it can be extremely scary. Especially if it happens at a time when your vet is closed. Proper veterinary care should always be the primary goal, but just a little knowledge of pet first aid and the signs of an emergency can save your fur baby’s life. Below … Read more

dog dream

As pet parents, we have all watched our dogs twitch, bark, whimper, or appear to run in their sleep. It can be quite amusing to watch and wonder what is going on in their minds. Are they dreaming? Animal experts believe dogs do dream and their dreams are similar to ours. According to researchers at … Read more

Service dogs, assistance dogs, therapy dogs: whatever you call them, dogs are doing amazing things to help people. Traditionally thought of as aides for the blind, service dogs are now being used for so many more medical issues for adults and children. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) defines service dogs as “dogs that are … Read more

The holidays are a joyous, festive time, but the hustle and bustle can bring dangers for your pets.  With extra guests, decorations, and food, pets can sometimes be overlooked and unseen hazards can lurk beneath the decked halls. Follow this guide from ASPCA.org to keep your pets safe and make Christmas merry for the whole … Read more