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Whether you are training a new puppy or trying to improve your dog’s behavior, training is an important part of dog parenting. Training can take place in planned sessions but it’s also essential to remember that training happens all day long in our everyday lives. Interacting with your dog on a daily basis has as … Read more

Family with Dog

Let’s face it, pet waste removal is a dirty job that no one wants to do. You may be tempted to ignore it. You definitely want someone else to do it. But ignoring it is never a good idea.  Pet waste can be dangerous for you and your pet. Here are 3 reasons to be … Read more

One of the most popular Father’s Day activities is grilling out. Maybe Dad likes to do the barbecuing or maybe you’re cooking for Dad but either way you want your yard to be in top shape. Here are some tips to ensure your backyard is looking fabulous for your Father’s Day BBQ. Tame the weeds: … Read more