pet safety

Throughout the past several weeks we’ve talked about animal emergencies and what to do if one should happen to take place. We talked about supplies you should keep in your first aid kit, we talked about the Heimlich maneuver, and how to perform it on dogs, both big and small, and we even gave you … Read more

Police in Roswell, Georgia, recently rescued two small dogs from a car while their own sat in an air-conditioned movie theatre, watching a movie. According the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the temperature inside the car was 169 Degrees, and that was with the windows slightly rolled down. The dogs began suffering from heat stroke but both dogs … Read more


April is Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month and you can make a difference. ASPCA was the first humane society in North America, established in 1866, and has dedicated itself to the kind and respectful treatment of animals. With over 2 million supporters, this organization is privately funded. ASPCA and humane society organizations like them … Read more

dog toys

Dogs and chewing go together like peanut butter and jelly. So, chew toys are essential to a happy and healthy pet. They help fight boredom, protect your furniture and shoes from teething puppies, and provide comfort to those painful gums, as well as calm a nervous dog. But not all chew toys are safe. Some … Read more

The holidays are a joyous, festive time, but the hustle and bustle can bring dangers for your pets.  With extra guests, decorations, and food, pets can sometimes be overlooked and unseen hazards can lurk beneath the decked halls. Follow this guide from ASPCA.org to keep your pets safe and make Christmas merry for the whole … Read more

It’s hot! (We know, thanks Captain Obvious.) Here in Arizona, with temps above 80 large portion of the year, humans can overheat quickly and dogs even quicker. The ASPCA says that dogs can overheat in just minutes and warns to watch for signs of dehydration and overheating. These signs include excessive panting or difficulty breathing, … Read more

It may surprise you to know that poop scooping is a relatively new activity. Until the 20th century many dogs were outdoor animals primarily used for hunting and herding and it didn’t matter where their bathroom was located. Even after we moved our dogs inside and trained them to go outside, the waste was left … Read more

Our pets are like members of our family and as such, we want to do anything we can to keep them safe and healthy. Last week’s blog post discussed how to help your dog deal with the trauma of loud noises like thunderstorms and fireworks. According to the ASPCA, one in five pets go missing … Read more