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Recently while watching Jeopardy a contestant was asked about his dog, a dog that suffered from a strange allergy. A blood test at the veterinarian determined that the dog was allergic to human dander—yes—he was allergic to his owner. The dog was started on monthly allergy shots and now everyone, both dog and human, can … Read more

Warmer months of the year spell the beginning of flea and tick season throughout the United States. Ticks are abundant in Arizona and depending on where you live you may have a problem with fleas as well. During this time of year these tiny parasites show up in our homes and annoy our pets while … Read more

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Fleas are annoying and once your dog or cat has them, it seems as though everyone in your home has them. You can’t just wave a magic wand and hope they disappear. Ridding your home of fleas takes persistence and a little effort but it can be done. Before we discuss treatment, however, let’s talk … Read more