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By Shea Cox, DVM I’ll be the first to admit that I stand outside watching each and every performance of my dogs’ “poop show.” This isn’t just a weird sort of voyeurism—rather, it’s a good way to know what’s going on with a dog’s health. If you, too, like to see what’s coming off the … Read more

Some may be old wives’ tales, some may be spread by the internet or a well-meaning friend, but all are untrue. There are many pet health care myths out there that could be dangerous to your dog. Here are the facts so you are taking the best care of your pet possible. Flea and tick … Read more

Cruelty to animals is something that is stressed all year long, as it should be, but April is the month where the most emphasis is put on something that should never happen to dogs, cats, or animals to begin with. That’s why April is Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month, a time when she should … Read more

dog myths true or false

Today we’re going to play a quick game of TRUE or FALSE. We’ll tell you something about the health of your dog and we’ll give you an opportunity to decide whether it’s FACT or if it’s FICTION.  Ready? Let’s play.  A Warm Nose is a Sign of a Sick Dog True False FALSE— A warm … Read more

dog humping leg

It’s a little embarrassing when your dog decides to begin humping your leg, a pillow, or even another dog, even more so in the presence of company. This behavior is completely normal and it usually occurs when your dog becomes excited. You may notice that he, or she, exhibits this behavior more so when around … Read more

The state of Arizona is home to dozens of species of scorpions. The most notorious of these creatures is the Arizona Bark Scorpion, or Centrurodies Sculptuartus. This particular scorpion is one of 1,500 species of scorpions that inhabit the Earth. While scorpions prefer a desert like climate, they can be found in many types of … Read more


Annually more than 10,000 dogs are poisoned in the United States. They are poisoned when they ingest something around the yard, or within the home. These are items that are safe for humans but toxic to dogs. According to DogTime.com the top 10 causes of dog poisoning are: Medications—Many human medications, such as ibuprofen are … Read more

By Jessica Vogelsang, DVM Since dogs can’t talk, we spend a great deal of time trying to interpret other signs of their health. How is he acting? How is his appetite? We perform exams, take histories, evaluate blood samples. Also, we check their poop. This gives us a tremendous number of clues as to a … Read more