Each year dogs produce more than 5.8 billion pounds of dog poo! That’s enough poo to fill 900 football fields, a foot and a half deep! That’s a lot of dog poo to clean up, but thankfully, there is someone out there to do the job for us so we don’t have too, especially, when … Read more


Dogs aren’t picky when it comes to putting things in their mouths. They’ll ingest almost anything which often leads to occasional diarrhea. Diarrhea, however, might also signify a more serious health problem that might require the attention of a veterinarian. WHAT TO LOOK FOR (OR WHAT YOU MIGHT SEE) Loose stools are a primary sign … Read more


It’s exciting to bring home a new puppy, but it’s a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Puppies are a big responsibility, a lifetime commitment. Before bringing home a new puppy, it’s important to make sure everyone in the family understands the commitment you are about to take on. Everyone should be included in this … Read more

April is Pet First Aid Month and over the past several weeks we’ve written articles on pet first aid and what to do during a pet emergency. Now is a good time to educate yourself on what to do if you ever find your pet in distress. Today we’re going to share another tip with … Read more

February is Spay and Neuter Awareness Month which means this is a good time to reflect on the overpopulation of animals currently sitting in shelters and rescue agencies all across the United States. Having your pet spayed or neutered is an important decision to make when adopting a new kitten, puppy, cat or dog. In … Read more

dog walks 20 miles

A dog in Oklahoma missed her family so much that she made the twenty-mile journey to find them twice, despite the fact that her family was unable to keep her. Cathleen, a 6-year-old Great Pyrenees mix, was living with a family outside Oklahoma City, when for unknown reasons her family packed up and moved. They … Read more

dog paws

If you’ve ever watched your dog go to the bathroom outside, you might notice that when he’s finished, he wipes the grass. He kicks his paws into the air and does an odd sort of dance. It’s called “Paw Scraping” and today we’re setting out to determine just why it is dogs display this particular … Read more

dog collar

Dog collars come in all shapes, sizes and colors, enough in fact, to match the personality of every dog on the planet. Collars are made of leather, vinyl or chain link material. Some even come equipped with LED lighting for those who like to walk their dogs at night. Your options are endless when picking … Read more