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Sick Dog

We hate to see our fur babies sick. Next to our children being sick, it’s the worst. And it is complicated by the fact that they don’t understand what is wrong and that these horrible pills you are trying to force them to take are actually going to make them better. It can be awful … Read more

types of dog poop

By Shea Cox, DVM I’ll be the first to admit that I stand outside watching each and every performance of my dogs’ “poop show.” This isn’t just a weird sort of voyeurism—rather, it’s a good way to know what’s going on with a dog’s health. If you, too, like to see what’s coming off the … Read more

We hope everyone has a happy and safe new year, including your pets!   This is an exciting time for us but often stressful for our furry family.   Here are some safety tips for your pets for this weekend:   1. Keep all doors and windows shut and window coverings closed. 2. Keep your … Read more

Each year dogs produce more than 5.8 billion pounds of dog poo! That’s enough poo to fill 900 football fields, a foot and a half deep! That’s a lot of dog poo to clean up, but thankfully, there is someone out there to do the job for us so we don’t have too, especially, when … Read more

Some may be old wives’ tales, some may be spread by the internet or a well-meaning friend, but all are untrue. There are many pet health care myths out there that could be dangerous to your dog. Here are the facts so you are taking the best care of your pet possible. Flea and tick … Read more

Dogs sometimes do funny things and we don’t always know what they are trying to tell us.  There are also many long-held beliefs about dog behavior but many of the most common are myths. Which should you believe? We are busting some of those myths to help you and your four-legged family member communicate. Myth … Read more